H.D Direct Driven Industrial Exhaust Fan 18×18

Technical Specifications of Industrial Belt driven fan 18×18:

Fitting Size: 18”x18”
 Model: USBVF450
Blade Dia(MM): 350 (14”)
Outer Dimension (MM) (LxH):

450 x 450 mm (18”x18”)

Width: 350mm (14”)
Fan Speed (RPM): 900
Airflow (CFM) of blade dia.: 2,000
Total Pressure (Pa): 60
Noise (dB) : <60
Motor Power: 0.37HP/0.28KW
Rated Voltage: 380-400V/50Hz 3 Phase
Drive Type: Direct Drive
Current Amp.: 0.3 Amp
Blade Material: Stainless Steel



UnitedStar’s industrial belt-driven energy saving ventilation/exhaust fan constructed with 100% imported material in size 18″x18″ with 14″ (350mm) blade diameter can be used both as supply air or exhaust fan in industrial premises like warehouses, dairy and poultry farms, hospitals, wedding halls, poultry farms, greenhouse and other commercial or industrial premises where efficient and powerful ventilation is desired with minimum energy consumption. Due to it’s small size it’s best way to have this fan in direct drive combination. This fan is designed to fulfill your minimum airflow requirement while making sure aesthetic aspects of your premises with safety.

The fan body is constructed of Hot dipped Galvanized steel (GI) sheet with stainless steel blades, precision cast hub and pulleys. The fan is equipped with front safety mesh net with automatic gravity operated louvers at back side. Motor of the fan is 100% copper winding Ip55, F class insulation and silicone electrical steel sheet with power of 0.37hp/0.28kw, 3 phase that consumes only about ~125-150 watts and gives minimum of 2,000 cfm of airflow.

This 18×18 industrial belt driven fan is also available with Single phase motor where three phase power is not available.

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