Heavy Duty Direct Drive Axial Type Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan 32 inch

(H.D EXHAUST & AIR SUPPLY FAN- 8 Blade Series)
Technical Specifications:

Model: PKUS-800HDADJ8
Blade Dia. MM (inches): 800mm (32”)
Outer Size MM (inches) 850mm (34”)
Motor Power HP/KW: 5HP /4kw
Speed (RPM): 1450
Airflow (CFM): 15000
Voltage (Freq.): 400V / 50Hz
No. of Blades: 8


  • Available in Single phase 220v as well.
  • Available in other sizes.
  • Available in 60Hz on demand.
  • Available in Square shape on demand.
  • Available with safety mesh guards on demand.
  • Available with louvers/shutters on demand.
  • Design customization offered.


UnitedStar’s direct drive heavy duty industrial axial type ventilation exhaust fan is high quality and energy saving ventilation/exhaust fan constructed with high quality material in size 32 inch (800mm) blade dia. with 34″ (850mm) outer body diameter can be used both as supply air or exhaust fan in industrial premises like warehouses, basement, generator rooms, machine cooling, production hall and other commercial or industrial premises where efficient and powerful ventilation is desired at faster pace with optimal energy consumption. This fan is designed to fulfill your minimum airflow requirement with space constraint while delivering high velocity of airflow.

The fan housing and body is constructed with heavy duty mild steel sheet with heavy duty thick steel flat bar flange for easy and reliable installation. The fan’s propeller is made of heavy duty precision cast hub with perfect static and dynamic balancing ensuring vibration-free operation and long life.

The fan design allows installation on circular as well as on square wall openings. Motor of the fan is 100% copper winding Ip55, F class insulation and silicone electrical steel sheet with power of 5hp/4kw, 3 phase that consumes only about 1600 watts and gives minimum of 15,000 cfm of airflow.

This 32 inch industrial direct drive axial fan is also available with Single phase motor where three phase power is not available.

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