AirAccord Industrial Portable Evaporative Air Cooler 2,000 Sq. Ft. Coverage Variable Speed Top Air Discharge With Single Direction Moving Grills

Axial Type Direct Drive Plastic Body 3-Wider Blade Portable Series.

Configuration Type: Side/Front Air Discharge
Fan Type: Axial
Fan blade dia.(mm/inches): 600 (24″)
Drive: Direct Drive
Airflow (CFM): 10,600
Motor Power: 1.1KW / 1.5HP
Speed (RPM): 1400
Voltage / Phase (Freq.): 220/380 |Single/Three (50Hz.)
Max Current (Amp.): 4.5
Speeds: Multi, 50 Steps with inverter
Tank Capacity: 30-35 Liters
Water Consumption: 10-15 L/H
Air outlet Dimension (mm): 670×670
Noise Level (dB): 55-71dB
Water Consumption: 10-15 L/H
Cooling Capacity (Sq.ft.): 1000-2000
No. of Cooling Pads: 4
Filters: Pre-dust filters for pads
Unit Dimensions (MM): 1100x1100x900
Warranty: 5 Years motor warranty


This Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler by AirAccord can cool the area up to 2,000 Sq. Ft. is available with Variable Speed inverter controller with 50 steps of speeds providing you flexibility of choosing from lowest possible to high speed with wall control panel as well as remote control.

This portable air cooler is suitable for big halls, wedding venues, interconnected rooms in a house, gymnasium, animal barns, dairy farms, restaurants, schools, open mosques, courtyards where you don’t need or want any ducts and want ductless direct evaporative cooling saving you duct cost and providing you seamless cooling. This design features 4 side cooling pads with air discharge from top front that’s also suitable for mezzanine floor while placing your portable air cooler on ground floor.

Evaporative cooling is one of the green and cost effective way to reduce temperature inside the building. As water evaporates, it absorbs energy from the surrounding, drops temperature of incoming air from 10°C to 20°C using wet cooling media, normally evaporative cooling pads. It significantly improves working conditions for laborers creating comfortable environment wile without putting any burden on electricity bills.


Extremely Strong Effect in Dropping Temperature:
In central and most of hot areas of Pakistan, the temperature can be dropped from 45°C to 30°C with a single Evaporative Industrial Air Cooling unit in very short time.

Fine Air Quality: AirAccord’s  Industrial Evaporative Air Cooling Unit is combination of different features like ventilation, purification, removing odor, dropping temperature and improving Oxygen in the surrounding air inside the building.

All these features are very effective in improving the working efficiency of your laborers and they feel comfortable that in turn improves productivity.

Low Cost, Highly Effective: The total investment and operating cost of Evaporative Air Cooling Unit is 80% less than the Central Refrigerated Air Conditioner in the same area.
Low Power Consumption: Comparing with traditional Air Conditioner, AirAccord’s evaporative cooler units consumes up to 80% less electricity.

Only AirAccord’s industrial evaporative air coolers beats the heat better, faster, cheaper and longer at minimum energy consumption saving you 80% on energy bills! This unit is installed at factories, workshops, wedding halls, mosques, commercial plaza, schools, gymnasiums, dairy farm, control sheds, large offices, homes and any commercial place equally.

Configuration type of this unit is single direction Top-Front Air Discharge type with front moving air grill that allows perfect and efficient non-ducted installation at walls or windows or you can put it on floor on a wheeled trolley to get direct air conditioning/cooling by this effective air cooler without any ducts.

Keep your work areas cool and comfortable with this industrial evaporative air cooler by AirAccord. This evaporative cooler features strong airflow and a unique product design that provides a perfectly calculated cooling pads area to achieve maximum cooling capacity.

Salient Features:

This efficient industrial evaporative air cooler uses approximately half current than 18,000 BTU /1.5 ton AC unit while a single unit of this air cooler having capacity of cooling 8-10 times larger area than AC units.

Consuming maximum 4.5 Ampere of current while working alone equals to 8 ton AC unit!
Automatic proper size drain allows for easy and effective maintenance.
Equipped with high quality and imported evaporative honeycomb cooling pads.
Liquid level indicator with automatic pump shutoff protects your product and money.
100% new plastic, UV resistant body.

  • Environment friendly. Anti corrosion, anti aging.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Stronger air streams.
  • Inverter allows 50 speed steps to run the unit to desired level.
  • Inverter allows to control all functions by wall display and remote controller.
  • Inverter allows auto drain and auto clean.
  • Inverter wall controller displays running speed.
  • Inverter wall controller displays temperature and humidity.
  • Inverter wall controller displays water level.
  • Efficient water distribution on cooling media.
  • Cooling pads on all 4 sides for maximum evaporation and cooling.
  • Clean air with pre dust filters.
  • Auto Exhaust function makes fan running reverse ventilating indoor area.
  • High quality 100% copper winding inverter duty motor.
  • High Quality Portable stand/trolley with wheels with breaks for easy movability
  • AirAccord offering exclusive 5 years motor warranty!
  • Made by select manufacturers in China.
  • Replacement parts are also available to help keep your products in operation for years to come.

Get your place cool today, contact our experts for getting maximum benefits by installing AirAccord’s industrial evaporative units.